My Story

why is there such a stigma attatched to this tragedy, i suppose as a good catholic woman guilt is something that lives within us, why though in a time when you need support and you need friends around are people so quiet about it? A child has been lost the dream of that child, rocking him giving him a bath taking him to the brook for the first time watching him grow with his brothers and sisters, at the moment of conception that dream is alive, and i believe the furthur along in your pregnancy you are when you have your loss the harder it is. there will be no baptism there will not be a moments peace at the hospital as the newborns and their overjoyed mothers stroll the halls. It is hellish the whole experience work certainly can't understand nor can the passerby on the street know why your crying, it takes time sometimes months sometimes more, I am hoping to be able to concieve as soon as possible after this tragedy, however after my last one i waited 6 mos. I do have 3 healthy children at home. This baby boy just couldn't seem to make it. no explanations.

villagemom villagemom
Mar 23, 2009