It Will Never Fly, But..

I have it all worked out! Everyone will be equal and we will have to earn what we get.

Every job in the world would have a universal job description that would be made for it, with what the job required, and what the extra’s that you would have to do, and the bonus that you would be paid for how much extra you did and how well you did it. You would know exactly what you had to do and what it would be pay, and anyone else doing the same job would get exactly the same amount for what they did. Any type of job including sport, delivery, doctor, garbage man, CEO would all be paid the flat rate, and have to earn any bonus that would be explained in the job description. It would be up to you how much extra you earned or didn’t earn. If you wanted to be rich, you would have to work for it, and if not, well that’s your own fault then.. So much for this fantasy, I woke up and reality is, it would never happen!

carriewpd carriewpd
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1 Response Feb 8, 2010

Inhale, exhale.....