Thinking Outloud Again!

I was out to an event this weekend and there were many married couples there.  But there was one thing that  made me a little sad and a little mad.  I can't legally get married!  I can't have the privilages that married couples have because I am a girl that loves a girl.  What is so wrong with love?  We are taught from the start to love, and then when we choose who we want to spend our lives with, we can, but we can't get married.  Oh, some States recognize it, but the Federal still doesn't!  This is the land of freedom and yet we do not have it.  How long will it be?  We love, we killl or fight, so whats wrong with our love. Its typical of America.  We have so many freedoms, but yet we don't.

carriewpd carriewpd
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4 Responses Mar 8, 2010

i did not know that

No divorce, this is for life! Some people are to stupid to see that!

You will get over it. Hell you will then have to get a divorce and those are no fun.

Thank you so much for those words darling. {{HUG}}