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"Love is a concept of the mind to explain the feelings of the heart. True love is not just felt for someone but created over a period of time. You font love someone when you meet in high school and things just click. You love someone when they loose their parents and you're there for them, when you have a chance to cheat and you decide not to. That is love. No words can ever truly express it. It is a concept that the English vocabulary cannot do justice. Only action will suffice."

I just saw this on a question asking How do you know if you're in love.

There's one point in there that brings to mind, a situation with ArmyGuy. A few weeks ago, he had gone out to a party with a few friends and he had gotten drunk. He has never gotten drunk before, so was new to it all. He went to a friends house to stay instead of returning to base and had passed out on the couch. But then he had awoke in the middle of the night to find a friend of his (female) laying next to him, (wearing just a t-shirt, and panties) and the thought of cheating on me had briefly crossed his mind. He didn't do anything, he just lifted her away and called a cab to go back to the barracks. He told me as soon as he returned to base, and said he was sorry it had happened. I asked him, What stopped you from doing something? (I've seen her before, and stunning is no where near a good enough word to describe how beautiful she is) And he stared at me for a moment, and frowned and said "You."

My question is, if you were truly in love with someone, would cheating ever cross your mind in the first place? Even if it was for a brief moment? Or is it just human behaviour?
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May 7, 2012