Its not about Uma?

How many times have I belted out the words to whatever is on the raido as I drive? Countless. I like the beat of an Adele song and im pretty quick on picking up the I just sing and sing wherever I may be going. I usually think about the song and its meaning and although I like the beat I have always been a bit confused by this one. So it seems to be about a guy who's going to be leaving his girl for another woman, named Uma. Well Uma must be a pretty special girl if he's going to make a change like that. But what really got me is the twist at the end where she sings, "Uma has it, he's the one I'm leaving you for." What?? Uma is a man? Uma has been refered to as a woman throughout the song. I have tried and tried to analize this and understand the situation to no avail. My "a ha!" Moment came this afternoon when I realized the name of the song, 'RUMOR has it'. Yep..I just got it! All this time I thought it was "UMA has it! Well a girl named uma and the word rumor being interchanged affected the way I interperped the entire song. Take a listen for yourself sometime...and just picture me confidently belting out uma... haha... (rumor has it, by adele). Happy laughter!
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Most bullshit song i've heard.. If the constant repetative lyrics of a 10 year old don't get you, then the horrible instrumental play of the song will. Even after that if you enjoy it, sorry to say but thats just bad taste in music.. not to judge for opinions, but your listening to a song a 10 year old could write......

Oh too FUNNY! The good part is YOU figured it out before someone else did! Much worse when someone else catches you belting out the wrong words! Rock on!

Gads.....your hearing is right up there with your worries...the typing class not only comes with eyeglasses, but hearing aids as well,Uma.

There's a Uma been going around about u..uma has it that u type around too! Btw, I look sexxxxxxy in those new cat eye reading shades!

I got the cat eye glasses......YOU got the ones with nose attached. For hell's sake ! You really DO need glasses.( takes back cat eyewear!)