My Dream

My dream, ever since I was little, was to have a best friend. I had friends, called them best friends, but I never really felt like we were besties. First, there was Katie. Katie was awesome, but totally annoying. She was always whining. UGH she got on my nerves. (This was in Kindergarten.) Then, Katie had to redo kindergarten. I saw her again in 4th grade, but we didn't reconnect.
Then, I met Natalie. She had a British accent even though she was American, and she had a thick, long blonde braid. We connected, OKish, just not enough to really feel like best friends. She was always crying after we played and always went home afterwards. I would ALWAYS have to persuade her back. Then, she moved to South Carolina. She cam back, one day, and I was thrilled. Of course, we played, and of course, she cried, left, and I convinced her to come back. She announced she was going to the mall, and would be back by 5:00 p.m. I waited for her all day. She never came back. I resented her for leaving without a proper goodbye. I forgive her now, of course. But she is also gone.
Next, I met Elizabeth. She was tall, dirty-blonde, and had brown eyes. She was my friend I kept the longest. We were (I thought) best friends. I knew, deep down though, it didn't click. We didn't live close by, and it was hard to do stuff with her. Then, I transfered schools. One girl, named Angelina, said "goodbye" and "I'm gonna miss you soooooo much!" over and over again. I should of realized she didn't mean it. (This was 3rd grade.) Then, before school started, I called Elizabeth. I asked, "Hey, do you want to come over and play?" She said, "I can't. Angelina is coming over." I said, "Great! Then I can come over and we can all play!" Elizabeth said, "She doesn't like you." I was hurt. I thought, but she was so sad to see me go! Why doesn't she like me? Then I realized Angelina never liked me, and neither did Elizabeth the Traitor.
Finally, in 4th grade, in a new school, I met Ashley. She was nice, fun, and we made tons of jokes. We did click. She was awesome, smart, fun, nice, and hilarious, and really sweet. Our birthdays were 3 days apart, and our dads shared the same names! She loved calling me on the phone, unlike Elizabeth the Traitor who hated it. One day, on the phone, she said, "We are like soulmates, we are so alike!" I agreed. I loved her so much, because she was awesome. Then, I got into a fight with her. I yelled at her. I made her cry, made me cry, and I regret it. Then, she left. She said she forgave me, but I didn't believe her that much. Her mom got a new job in Korea, and she wouldn't be back until 2 more years. And when that happens, I will welcome her with open arms, hug her, and tell her, "Ashley, I missed you! Can we still be friends?" I really hope that happens.
MaskedCat MaskedCat
13-15, F
May 22, 2012