Tocic - Maisie

In a world where so many things change on a daily basis, Constance was a truly rare and undeniable breed. I cannot explain it: she was this wonderful mix of contradictions from being seeming stoic and rational on one end of the spectrum and on the other she was passionate, extremely intense along with being guilt ridden. I miss her terribly even though it has only been one day since she left. Not just EP, I mean everything - EP, Yahoo Messenger, AIM - the whole enchilada. She disappeared, dropping off the face of the planet as she said she would. She said she could not talk to anyone anymore. Damn it sister, if anything you should know you can talk to me. I've two good ears, a great heart and a great sense of compassion along with understanding. I would do whatever was in my power, to brighten your day. Even if mine happened to suck. You brought reason and logic to my life, not two qualities usually associated with an Aries/Scorpio hybrid. I will hold out the hope that one day somehow, you will come back and I will be blessed to herald your return to the EP universe. Until then, my spirit will always be with you as it will be with MaisieDobbs who also left EP and I would like to promise that those who ran her off a second time, you better hope I never find out who you are because I will assembled my friends into an EP platoon to whup your candyass!!!!!

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1 Response Feb 7, 2010

I am sorry you are missing your friend.