I Miss You

I came to EP not knowing what to expect, but I was soon befriended by a girl called "Aurora" and she came the night I was gonna leave this site for good.  I hadn't met anybody or swapped emails with anybody and it just wasn't happening for me until I met "Aurora".  Before I knew it three hours had passed with us exchanging emails she wisely dubbed, "Getting to Know You".   The months flew by and from my experience with her I had befriended "Scooby" and a host of other people.  That time for me was good, it got me to open up and let people in, but most importantly I told myself I wouldn't have a too too big circle because I want to always make time for those who made time for me when I needed it.  Time has passed a little over a year now and I have not spoken to alot of my original circle in a minute.  I kept puttng off that email where I would write him/her back or I was "too busy" with the questions or whatever was happening on Myspace (my downfall).  Whatever it was that led me to "forget" about you has hit me in the worst way.  I have always kept in touch with "Aurora" and for Christmas she sent me the best gift I have ever gotten..a personal card all the way from her country.  When I got it, it made me feel that somebody in this world was thinking about me.  It made my heart soar.   I keep it on display in my livingroom to remind me of her generous spirit, but most importantly that I have a good friend in this world.  So I was very shocked when she announced that she was leaving EP.  I remember sitting in front of the computer screen in complete shock.  I was hurt,angry, and very sad, but it reminded me that I had neglected her in a way too.  I could have sent an email instead of waiting for one just telling her what was going on in my life.  I could have read more of her stories and blogs.  I could have done alot more.  Its very true that you miss someone when they're gone.  I miss my friend.  I miss Scooby (are you still making wine,  I miss MemoriesareLost, I miss Sea Angel, I miss Ryuuzki (sorry mispelled), I miss Trutth, I miss the ones who right now I can remember the funny, thoughtful, encouraging emails and messages we shared.  I miss my new friends who are in my new circle.  I miss you Maximus ( I think you are a darling), I miss Yea oh Yea ( I hope you are okay), I miss you Angulos.  I actually printed what you wrote and I take it to church with me and I pray for you.  You came on the other night and I was so happy to see you, but then you were gone.  It hurted and I just wanted to say that I still think you are a great person and I hope one day we can talk again.   I hope whoever reads this understands where I'm coming from, but I hope you are better then me.  Don't wait to send a message, a scribble, a gesture, or a smile.  Remember those who have lifted you up and helped carry you across.  I love and I miss all my friends. 

lilyiam07 lilyiam07
31-35, F
Feb 24, 2010