I Miss My Marine!<3

My marine has been gone a little of 2 weeks and every day is a struggle! I know everyone says the days will go by fast but honestly they go by slower and slower every second! I just wish he was here with me and i keep praying that everything goes okay! He is at camp geiger for his SOI and i wish him the best of luck and i miss him so much!

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2 Responses Apr 25, 2010

I know what you mean, my baby left 2 weeks ago too on the 7th.
And it seems like a eternity!!!!!
Just remain positive and maintain yourself occupied.

I dont know if u mean deployment or boot camp! but if ur talking about deployment the first 4-6 weeks to me are hard! You think about it constantly! But after that it really becomes second nature! You start to look forward to either emails or letters or a phone call! After that the time flies up until i say about 3 weeks before you know he will be home! Then everything becomes SLOW MOTION again! But sweety you will get thru this and ur relationship will be much strong :)