The Silent Ranks

You don’t know, but im the girl who patiently waits
Waits for his safe return home
Waits for something as simple as a letter
Waits to be in his arms again
Waits to hear his voice
Waits to see his smile

You don’t know, but im the girl who has to stay strong
Stay strong for him
Stay strong for me
Stay strong for the families
With loved ones over seas

You don’t know, but im the girl…
The girl who is constantly thinking of him
The girl who stands strong behind her man
The girl who no matter what will always be proud
The girl who wants his feet safe on American grounds

You don’t know…
But this is harder than it seems
It take courage and commitment
Faith and pride
It takes honor and willpower
Just to survive

You don’t know…
But behind the strength of every Marine
There is a girl
The girl of his dreams
The girl that keeps him going
Through the hard times of his work

You don’t know…
But I am one of those girls
And I am proud to claim the title
Of Marine Corps Girlfriend

Semper Fi!

marinegirl958 marinegirl958
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 27, 2011

I absolutely love this :)