Hes My Best Friend!

ok so i told you all the story about lulu already. Well he left last weekend for bootcamp and we got into this big fuss the day of his going away party. I didnt get to tell him good bye or anything. He told me he hates me and he never wants to see me hear from me or get anything from me. I know he was mad at me he had the rite to! His stupid cousin went up to him and told him we were dating! WTF! ok not no but hell no! I'm not datin anyone i dont want to. I'm still in love with my husband! WTF!!! I mean yea lulu means the world to me i'll love him forever hes the pot im the lid, we are each otehrs book ends! We were going to be friends till the end and our end came sat. after 9 years of our friendship! I swear i could kill the his cousin! But i miss a marine. I miss his laugh. i miss his smile. I miss his voice. The late nite talks and many txt. I miss hearin disco stick on the radio and giving him a call. I miss his arms around me when im crying. When the went blows i think of him after the dogs and bustin his ***. I just miss him... i miss my best friend......

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i hope so also! He called my sister the sunday he was leaving rite before he got on his flight to tell her he loves her and will miss her and will c her when he gets back. He was about to cry and my sister was crying. She told him that no matter what he said r did to me ill forever love him. He told her "Sometimes i wish she didn't. it just makes it harder on us. All we do is hurt each other anyway." My heart broke i told her to send him a kiss for me and she blew it through the phone. i cried half that day till the boys came a drugg me to my parents put me on my horse and told me go lol 5 hours of horse back was what i needed that day lol