All too  often these days, I`m only ever touched by my wife in the most perfunctory, or obligatory manner. I often wish she wouldn`t touch me at all if there is no genuine affection there. But, I am starved for female affection, and this lady is my great love.

Yes! I do want wildly erotic sex. But just as much I miss little affections like the feeling of her hand on my thigh, her breath on my neck as she snuggles into me. I miss the delicate way she would hold my hand, tickle my neck, or run her hands accross my chest. I also miss the gentle lingering kisses we used to enjoy.

Everything these days seems to be rush, stress, aggravation and boredom. Only on her part, as I absolutely adore this woman. We`ve done counselling, and I`ve exhausted my entire repetouir of romance and seduction for a number of years.

I will never leave this woman, as she is my fantasy, the love of my life. I`ll take scrpas from her rather than nothing at all. But still, the longing remains.

musicmad musicmad
41-45, M
Mar 17, 2009