Theglobe And Aol

I used to frequent a little over a decade ago in my 1st-2nd year of college. I lost touch with all of my friends there, but I remember it and really miss it and them. It was true to its name - global - and you could meet the best people from all over there. Many of us used ICQ - but lost my password for that years ago - not that I would even probably see any of the old friends on it anyway. We all had the goofiest most innocent conversations, it was a good support network.

I also remember the early days of AOL chat - does anyone even have/use AOL anymore? Am I dating myself I must sound ancient ;-) I remember when almost everyone had/was on it. It was fun going into the chatrooms and meeting new people - but most rooms got really stupid by Y2K, and everyone got rid of aol. Met a couple ex boyfriends there way back when. ;-)
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1 Response Jul 20, 2010

i miss msn it was GREAT i used to get kicked out of every chat room. i had soooo much fun.