Taking My Innocence

Thinking about the past. Painful memories. I never should have went to your house that night. I was only twelve you were fifteen. I loved and trusted you, but you took everything from me. You locked the basement door and the lights went out. I felt your hands around my waist and you forced me to the couch. I struggled under your weight and pushed against your grip. I tried to scream but you silenced my pleads for help. Your hands loosened my clothes and I begged you to stop, you said you would never hurt me but out of everyone you hurt me the most. Can you live with yourself? I heard the buckle of your pants as my heart began to stop, but there was a knock at the door it was our bestfriend. He never would have admitted to you, but he loved me too. He unlocked it from the outside , and the lights came on. Tears ran down my face. You were caught red handed as he pulled you off and faught you leaving you on the ground. He carried me out of that place, away from you. My protector, my bestfriend. He kept me from you never left me alone again. Thats the day i was free from you but you took a part of me with you because im unable to trust, unable to be touched without a flashback.
CandyCryptic CandyCryptic
18-21, F
Jan 19, 2013