Good Times!!!!

I grew up with my grandmother. She was the person that took me in as her own son and raised me. We grew up in a 1 room attic apartment w/ no bathroom or running water. I used to fill up 2 gallons of water everyday before and after school. Sometimes three times a day if I washed up, using a plastic dish pan. It was just me and Gram. Morning, noon, and night. Oddly enough, I miss those days. I miss being a child, playing with GI-Joes, cars, and ninja turtles. I miss coming home after school (grammar school) and saying, "hey gram"!!!! Then sitting down to do home work or going outside to play with, my long time, neighbor hood friends. I miss playing street football, going inside once it got late, watching married w/ children, life, the Gary shandling show on FOX5 and eating dinner cooked on the electric hot plate we used to heat food. I miss those days. I miss my childhood innocence. I loved every minute of it, but as I grew older I out grew that 1 room attic apartment I love so much. Sadly enough I even out grew the grasp of my grandmother’s arms.... I am 30 now, 3 kids, wife, home, cars....etc.. However gram is still with me, she lives in my house now... with 4 bathrooms and 2 kitchens and plenty of running water.

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you are was brought up with love,and that is what is important,you now have a famlie,your grandmother must be real happy.and proud.xx

how much treasure was in that attic! thank you for letting us all have a peek.

Thank you (GladYouArentHere)....I'm gladyouarehere to leave such a kind message.

Your story made me smile. Thank you for sharing your sweet grandmother with us.

Thank you (shadowofdoubt) for the kind words.... I appreciate you taking the time to read my post and comment.

this was a sweet read, sounds like you had a great childhood...more than enough love to fill that 1-room attic. as she gets older these memories will grow more and more precious to her, let her know how glad you are that she's in your life, note the "grandest" home will ever compensate for those words.