I Miss My Best Friend

we were the best of friends then lovers then husband and wife

you have no idea how miss the time we shared with each other be it playing with dolls on the floor of our bedroom or playing in the big place house in the back yard
the silly tea parties we shared with each other for so many years even in late teens, we still played the same games and she loved to play with her paper dolls she had to have the biggest collection of paper dolls any girl alive at the time
we had a old steam trunk filled with nothing but unopen paper doll books to be played with some day, even that last few days in japan she had to have bought over $100.00 of paper doll books from japan

the old tire swing in the tree in the back yard,  the widows walk on out roof where we laid and watched the clouds and stars at night before bed time
rickibrat2 rickibrat2
61-65, M
Sep 15, 2012