C'est bon d'etre amoureuse

I'm not just talking about being in love with a guy. Yes, it would be nice to be in love with someone. It's one of the greatest feelings in the world. Looking into someone's eyes and find yourself in them. How he makes you smile even just by thinking of him. Those butterflies in your stomach and how missing someone badly is somehow acceptable because you know that person misses you too. All those incredible feelings. But that's not the only love I miss. But also being in love with life, my job, with what I do. I feel so out of love right now. Before, I was pretty much content with my life. I love my job, I got my family and friends that keep me going. But now, I have exactly the same job minus the love. I still have my family and friends but they're busy and I'm busy, we barely see each other. I'm not in love with anyone, I don't go out that much, I don't meet new people. My life sucks at the moment. I could use a little bit of love right now.
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2 Responses Jul 15, 2010

Will do. Thanks :)

Now that you say it, I was i love with someone before all this happened. And then our relationship ended and everything is not the same for me. I'm over him, I know I am. But maybe it's one of the effects of falling out of love. I don't know, maybe.