I'm On My Way Back!

When I was in highschool I was the most carefree, energetic, outgoing, happy, optimistic person you would ever meet.  I know those days were when I was truly the happiest.  As life progressed, I became extremely pessimistic and got irritated over the smallest things in life.  I have now committed myself to being more like I was in highschool.  Yes, things change in life but there is no better way to live life than the way I used to be.  My husband has now gone away overseas and this small change has made me realize that life is too short and I really need to kick this thing into gear!!  I have made small changes in my life and I can really see the difference already!  Everything that I have experienced lately has been seen in a positive light and I couldn't be happier with myself!  I plan to continue to be this way and even improve more.  I absolutely cannot wait for my husband to come back and see the new "old" me.  lol  I know that's all he asks of me because that is the majority of the reason why we ever argue.  Other than that, we are perfect!!  I'm excited for this new change in life and I can't wait to continue the rest of my life this way. 

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2 Responses Mar 15, 2009

I'm glad I could help someone else out as well, calamityncuriosity! Good luck to you! :)

that's so good to hear! has lifted my spirits, too, so thanks for that as well as for sharing! :)