I Miss Being Single

I have been married since April 08. I married a man who is a hardworker, and very intelligent. However, he has no "class". He can be very crude, and selfish. I have examples every day of this type of behavior.

I truly miss being Single. I don't mean for dating. I mean, I miss my time being my own. I am sick of answering to this man. I have to account for every mintue, and I have to be tied to his hip while at home. I wish I could get out of this gracefully, but his biggest fear is that I will leave him (like all his past wives/girlfriends because he is so difficult), so I do have a certain level of responsibility and guilt.

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3 Responses Oct 13, 2008

After viewing your profile, married2ahottie, I now understand your post. You are perhaps, as low-class and crude as my husband.

Have you ever heard of people in this world who present a false persona? He lied through the courtship. Believe me, I am an intelligent person, but he is a master manipulator and liar. I found this out AFTER the marriage, and everyone who knows him says the same thing.<br />
I am far from impulsive and thoughtless. That post was a little harsh in my opinion, implying that I am a twit.

hi ya hun, wel i ant bin marryed yet but i thought i'd still try an help.<br />
I was wondering have you tryed to speak to him about the way that he is been and that you need your own space at times?<br />
ive been with my boyfriend for a few years an i find speaking (to them like childern)lol<br />
an just telling them how it makes you feel, an gentaly tell him......if it dont stop, then you will have to leave because you just cant take it.<br />
Compermize is great for a realationship i find.<br />
hope i helpped a tiny bit xxx