The Single Life!!!

i just miss the simple things like going out and partying it up with friends and not worrying about doing something thats gonna get ur *** in trouble the next never the one to sray single for a long period of time,but for some reason im missing that only 22 and i think their alot out their that i need to explore
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I miss being single too. I am a 29 yr. old woman with a man twice my age. I have no more friends. I don't go out dancing, which I love to do. I am finally losing the weight that was put on during this relationship. Don't get me wrong, I love this man but I have no life outside of him. I miss being able to just go when I feel like it. Every time I make friends he gets into his moods when we go out. He is never happy about me having fun. One time he finally went to karaoke with me. A group of men and women came over and started chit chatting with me. He is not social at all. He sat there the whole time pouting. Then had the nerves to get upset because I didn't introduce him. He is a grown man with a mouth and I don't know these people. There are times he is talking to people and don't introduce me. I was so upset and chewed him out. He couldn't be happy about me having fun and enjoying myself. I wasn't flirting or anything wrong. I guess it is probably time to end it. <br />
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I can see if I wasn't trying to compromise but I have been faithful and now barely no sex. Why should I put up with this? Because he loves me. I have to give up everything I love because he loves me? Even that sounds crazy when I think about it.

There is the tendency to want we we do not have. At 22, you should be able to go out and party together or seperately. However, if its the heavy flirting that entices you, you should address that with yourself and determine whether you really ought to be in a committed relationship.

You're probably right then. I was in a long-term relationship until about 2 years ago. Then everything was GREAT once I was single. I loved every second of it. That is until I met a guy that I truly wanted to be with. All of a sudden, being single lost it's flare. I definately think that when you're in a relationship, there should be no desire to be single. Single life really does suck in comparison. But if you're not going out with your friends and enjoying your life, especially at 22, then you're in the wrong relationship. There should be enough mutual trust and loyalty to go out and have fun with your friends without problems as well as respect for one another's individual lives. Habits and hobbies shouldn't change based on who you're dating.

You do need to explore, you have too many years to be tied down. you should be traveling, hanging out, partying. hopefully the person you are with isn't cutting off your whole social life, he should appreciate your thirst for life as much as he appreciates you.