I Hurt Myself

Well i am a male gymnast lv8 and love gymnastics well october i was at a camp for future stars and was doing loops on the pommels when my elbow popped im like crap we get to rings and i go to do a handstand when a pain shot up my arm and couldnt do rings my couch said i hyperextened it later that week at practice i was on rings again and it popped again it popped 4 more times before i went to the doctor he said i had injured my growth plates and put me in a cast for one month mind you i had won alot of awards so a month later we went back and low and behold damaged cartalidge so that was another 3 months of no practice i almost needed surgery lets see i hurt it on october thats like 6 months of no practice in march i got the all clear but i needed physical theorpy :( so 7months before i came back and i am still recovering although doing epic if you must know pommels is my event i missed competeing so i am sad about that but theres always next season:)
Bobsayshi Bobsayshi
May 19, 2012