Drive Ins!

I am in NJ, and somewhat nearby is the last existing drive in movie. Should you want to go to this theater it's near Vineland (NJ) & is named The Delsea!

Drive Ins are a fine idea for an evening out with the family!

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Thx 4 sharing your story! Consider me a friend with VERY good news...the Drive In that you so adored as a child is making a come back this summer, 2011! Only now it's digital and plays movies, concerts and sporting events!<br />
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Check out our Facebook page for more info <br />
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We hope to see you at one of our shows!!

Yes, we took them for granted too. I have a fond memory of sitting on a small embankment, my back leaning against a tall wooden fence at the edge closest to the screen, on the other side of the drive-in's parking lot, watching Woodstock w/out sound! Many lit things were passed around amongst us several po' folks, with our backs against the fence & who could not get the $ to see it proper like.<br />
Then, I guess malls, w/ their indoor theaters caused their downfall. <br />
Near the end, there was one that held on a bit longer. And then it began showing XXX movies. The parking lot bordered several apartment complexes, & a busy street, I mean that's just asking to be closed down!

We took them for granted once. There were 3 in my area .in later years they started to cater to a raunchier crowd so we stopped taking our children. Eventually they all went out of business.....Did the ones in NJ have heaters? Ours did.

I am willing to bet you could find one near or within a few States of where you live! Just google it!

I wish I could go to one of those theaters :(