I Miss The Way Things Used To Be

I really miss it. When I logged on to EP it used to feel so personal, I knew all of my friends, traded messages with them often, connected with some really great people. Now everytime I log on I have at least 5 new people who want to be friends and most of them are perverts. If I send them messages many of them don't bother to reply to them. It started with the whole "circle gesture" and now nothing feels as personal or as friendly as it used to be.

I really wish things would go back to the way they were. This isn't Myspace or Facebook, this is EP!!!! What happened???

I've been here since last May and things have changed so much since then....even my EP Crush is completely ignoring me now.

I don't want to delete my account, but I feel really done with EP now.  

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4 Responses Feb 28, 2010

OMG! Do I know EXACTLY what you mean!!!! So do I... so do I.

Good suggestion, Silver. Having too many in the circle is really overwhelming. We'll round up the circle (that just sounded redundant - LOL) and bridge the gap that's existing right now. For Endless...

I totally agree with you! I missed when things were closer and more personal. Now it's easier to get lost in the crowd and in all the activity. I think individuals can start to bring back the closeness and hopefully the trend will catch on. I'm in your circle and I could definitely be a better friend, and I'm going to make an effort to comment more.

I understand how such changes can affect you. I get scared of changes, too. But the thrill of these changes should give us the spirit to have fun and the inspiration to enjoy. The newness brings about curiosity and interest. Let's make use of that.<br />
And with the pervs...heck, they're just everywhere, honey. Scary...but we stay tough, okay?<br />