When You Are Missed, A Lot Can Happen... :)

Yesterday was my birthday.. Xavier was not here, it was the problem with his computer.. I know I will see him back, still i miss him a lot..

Dazzlingeyes sent me a gift, a boat wheel to go to Puerto Rico lol... i told her, hey i would still need a boat/ship.. i can't swim lol

...Today i find the ship haha no need to swim across the Pacific hhehehe.. the ship also needs no boat wheel, it flies!!! ^^,

Hello Xavier! Here we come, Hello Kitty be the captain hehehe.... ^^,:)

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3 Responses Jul 14, 2010

yep.. i love keroppi. i love all the frogs in the world. *changing my profile pic

hehe i like Keroppi, that green happy frog??

our next problem: to find hello kitty.. haha! let's go to Sanrio. or I'll call my good friend, keroppi to help us.