I Miss Falling In Love

Do you remember how it felt when you fell in love? it seems love can also turn into routine!

I miss that feeling you get when you look into the eyes of the one you love. I miss that craving, when it seems like you can't get enough, like you're gonna die without that person. I miss holding hands and midnight phone calls. I miss it when we could not sleep until we said goodnight.

I remember loving everything about him; his smile, his voice, his smell, the way he walked, the way he loved me, the way he made me feel. I felt wanted, I felt like I was the only woman he could see... I felt happy and in love.

Why did he take that away from me? I am the same person, why has he changed? He takes it all forgranted!

Yesterday I called him and I told him how I missed US, how I missed what we had. He did not pay attention to me, for he was busy with his laptop.

When I got home I asked him to hold me and I held him so tight, for a while before he reminded me we have to go to sleep as we're waking up early!

It could be that we are facing lots and lots of life stresses, but isn't that when we should get closer to each other, support each other?

He's nice to me when he wants sex, it makes me feel disgusted! If he can be nice he should be nice for all times. I am not a machine! I am a woman who needs love in order to make love.

Rinaz Rinaz
31-35, F
3 Responses Mar 1, 2010

why love fades after marriage?!!! feel scared or marriage coz of that

feel u...and recently feel disguited of loveless sex generally

Oooh i can so relate to this. my former self was involved in a dynamic like that. sometimes the falling in love part is easier than staying STANDING in love. to have that feeling all time, every day feels like such a feat after a couple of years. love just becomes silent. that feeling u described in the beginning should be remembered by both people, all the time. it's the glue that binds ur relationship together when life (and laptops) takes over. good luck in ur relationship. bf.