I went to a very anal retentive boarding school where most of my warped ideas on life are based...but i really miss table manners...i can still remember the first day i sat at the table on my first day at boarding school (i was 6)...we had to say grace before we touched anything, say please and thank you, never stretch across the table for something, eat with our mouths closed, never use too much of any condiment, obey the matron when she said we had had enough food, ask to be excused before leaving the table, and put our own plates away...i don't think we all need to eat like the king and queen, but boarding school had some good ideas for
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hey i said burn it down i didn't say do it w'/ people in it ;)

Totally...look, i agree with some of your comments...limiting condiments and being told how much to eat is ridiculous...i think i did say it taught me SOME good things about manners...i was merely sharing an experience and think some good manners at the table are appreciated, if not by you, then by for burning down the place...that's just

My parents were particularly anal about table manners and raised me in the same way as your boarding school. But we were allowed as much of one condiment as we wanted and were always allowed more if we finished it all. But I think that table manners are a dying art.

no one should be dicatating how much food you can and cannot have<br />
<br />
too much of a codiment are you F-ing serious if you eat it who cares if it has "too much" mustard on it <br />
<br />
some people don't belive in god or don't say grace (ooh the world just ended )<br />
<br />
most people who reach across a table for things do it because they were ignored when they asked that something be passed to them <br />
<br />
and why do you have to ask to leave a table if your finished you should be able to leave particularlly at a bording school <br />
<br />
i hope someone burned the place to the ground what a waste of time