Where Is This Place?

When I was younger I would watch this show all the time. This, Barney, and Whinnie the Pooh were my ultimate favorites. I absolutely loved Binyah Binyah. He was so cute. I always felt bad when he was sad or the kids got mad at him. And I loved the mom. She was the coolest person. 

I asked my mom to take me to Gullah Gullah Island. She tried (she encouraged my imagination) by taking me to a park. Water seperated the park from houses. My mom said that the house from the show was right across from the park. I started crying because I wanted to go, but we didn't have a boat. That's how much I loved and believed in the show. I still remember one song: "jump in jump out introduce yourself i say jump in jump out introduce yourself"

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4 Responses Feb 27, 2009

WHAAAAAAAT?! It still comes on TV? I need to stay awake for that craaaap. I LOVED THIS SHOW.

I used to watch it too. I thought it came on Noggin these days.

i used to watch it with my kids-very good

It's on nickelodeon at like 3 or 4 in the morning....lol