But The Concert Is Coming Up :)

I have loved their songs forever. And now I have a ticket for their concert, a place right in front of the stage! The GNR playlist on my ipod is rolling...

I am soooo excited!
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4 Responses Jul 27, 2010

yes, the same feeling is definitely not there anymore. it was much more real, passionate, angry and raw before, in the 80's. but i guess we cannot have it anymore...

What i wanna say is that Guns n Roses were 5 individual personas....you cant replace what it was back then with some emo guitar pla<x>yers now...its just not the same,the feeling is not there...i feel bad about Axl naming this new project of him GnR because it has nothing to do with what Gnr meant back then.

it is not the g n' r from the 80's and 90's. but still, the concert was totally worth it. i was very close to the stage and it was very cool to see them perform.<br />
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i have to confess though that when i watch the ritz concert from 88, i wish the concert i went had been like that: for real, with passion and not so much mainstream.

This new Axl project is NOT guns n roses.....seriously....