Loved em.... miss them.. I heard on the radio that they where coming to Queensland in July.. AWSOME... then.. the radio said.. that the only original member was Axel Rose !!  WTF ?  i just went about my day... reminiscing about the concert i went to years ago.. ((INSERTING MEMORY HERE )).......camping out at the raceway in Melbourne.... (not sleeping... Not even using the port'a'loos... ewww no )  I was at the Marsh pits... right at the front with arm bands on .. fenced in and loving every minute of the jumping.. had Poison Play & Rose tattoo.. cant remember the other band... when the wind picked up the animals started to inflate.. we all screamed... But False Alarm.. Still Awsome....mmmm..... hehe ...hmmmm wont go into detail... but I'll just say ONE OF THE BEST NIGHT/DAY/NIGHT of my life  
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I've been humming that tune all day and when i got home i took out my use your illusion 1 & 2 and NO DISKS !! Somebody F'N took them... so mad......cranky... Why not take the whole lot... why leave the cover.... (sigh) To The Bar......

one year ago I didn't' even know who they were, on the first date my boyfriend said "I love guns and roses how about you" I said "I love roses too they are so beautiful but I think guns are too violent". he starred at me and started laughing I was mad but now I am laughing too hahahahahaha *blush*

User Illutions 1 and 2 CD's ROCKED!! But the song that STILL makes me chuckle when I'm feeling a little warped is that song (not sure of the title) I Used To Love Her, But I Had To Kill Her.......... So I put her, six feet under........ join in any minute now, folks! lol