" I Miss Guns N Roses"

I was a huge Guns N Roses fan back in the 90's! Appetite for Destruction was my favorite album they did. My cousin who is an artist once painted Axel Rose on a pair of white denium jeans! My cousin (his sister) wore them to a Guns N Roses concert and she was right up front center stage! Axel got a look at her pants and smiled at her! How awesome is that? It's funny that now my 16 year old is a big GNR fan! All the kids his age are still into Guns N Roses which was before their time technically! These kids are listening to alot of the stuff I listened to when I was in Highschool!
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i'm only 13 and i lie the band mostly cuse of my dad he playsbon jovi songs and guns n' roses songs almost every day in the car but it's cool plus he's only 35

My partners brother who is 16 is set to go to the guns 'n' roses concert in melbourne (which I think is at the end of the month.) I loved guns 'n' roses when I was younger but my brother was into them not sure where the second wind came from.

My kids are the same way - constantly taking my CD's!