Miss It Badly....

I miss having a bestfriend so badly....I miss that constant texting, calling, fighting and discussing absolutely crap things !
Well i did have a bestest friend till last year but now she is not in much contact with me as she has new friends now.....but I dont say to her but I do miss talking to her about almost everything....
Now I just feel so alone...no one to gossip with and no one to whom i could tell my crushes and no one to tease me about them!

Sia1992 Sia1992
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 28, 2012

Friendship is at it's best when two friends meet after a long gap and have tons of things to share and laugh about..!!

I hope that time comes for me too!

it will.. just take the initiative and meet her in person and go have a girls' day out..!!