Now What Should We Rock Out Today The Wedges Or The Stilettos?

Geez I miss having girlfriends, the fun before the party, the pregame of football for guys, but with what matches our team's colors and let's try that new color from MAC. The smog of cigarettes, hair spray, and perfume. The try on just one more thing to see if it works better because you want to wear what I have on. The music blasting, cell phone's phones blowing up, and constant revision of plans. The giggling or just full out cackling because yes she did, or no he didn't. Geez, I miss my girls, they were the absolute best fun I have had in my entire life! We were so much fun together, well and so much drama! I will never forget those girls, they will always be a part of my memory and my thoughts in the present. They are still around, I have not lost them, just distance and time changes anything, growing older, and where our lives led us. So here's to you ladies for all the laughs,tears, screams, and hugs when I needed them the most. Here's a lil captain for you, one for me,one for my homies....
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May 17, 2012