Yep - I Grew Up In Ohio ... Way Back

Do you remember Minnie Pearl?? 

Yeah - that was my Grandma...she lived on a farm. WOW - it was a great childhood.:) 

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Oh me too. And Lawrence Welk - yep, my papa would watch that too.

Those hound dogs...<br />
I had the biggest crush on Roy Clark when I was a girl; we would watch it on Sundays with my granparents :-)

Yeah - I think we are revealing our age and the fact that we are probably all complete hill jacks =] but .... I enjoy where I came from, can't deny your roots that is for sure. <br />
<br />
Yep - we do need some good ol plain fun now and again on TV.<br />
I wish the execs would bring some good shows on and take some of the crap off.

TV execs think that is not good TV yet they think some of the absolute crap on TV now days is.

You know what we are revealing by talking about this don't you?

LMAO!! I love that song!!

"She found another and (*raspberry*) she was gone"<br />
<br />
That song is going to be stuck in my head now.... ;p

Nooooooo!! My nana was LIKE Minnie Pearl . ... I am NOT her real granddaughter. Would be kinda cool though .... :)

you are really minnie pearls grandaughter??

You're Minnie Pearl's grand daughter? HOOOOOWWWWDYYYY!

Ahhh - the younguns. It's almost a shame that they will never know this ....

I have come across so many people that have never heard of the show. Ah young ens

LMAO!! I know ..... :) God - I miss that show :)

"Hee Haw" was a truly funny, entertaining show! Great country music, rib-tickling cornball humor! I still enjoy watching the show in reruns!