Does She Still Remember Me?

Couldn't sleep tonight. For some reason I still think about her, it's been awhile. Feel terrible sitting here and wondering if she still remembers me. I owe my wife better than this but lord it still hurts. Feels like yesterday we fought. Funny but can only see her eyes nothing else sticks in my mind. Does she still remember? Does she sit up at night like I do? I hope so but in my heart I know she doesn't.
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Dear Lastpath, I wonder how things have been since it is already five years. I am facing similar problem. I don't think I could ever forget her. And I promised to wait till the end of my life for her. Everyday and night is agonizingly painful.

You could have written my post! I am not going to say the age-old line of "I know what you are feeling" - but I could. As I said in my post, it's been almost 10 years since Niki walked out of my life. IAs time passed, it got a lot easier - I don't think about her as much as I did, but it comes in waves - sometimes she is all I think about. I can still see her sitting there; I can still smell her and taste her and her voice still rings in my ears. I, too, wonder the same things as you. I would like to think she does still think about me - and that intense year we spent together. She did, after all, contact me on facebook out of the blue letting me know of her impending divorce, but I haven't heard from her in a while. She did say that she wouldn't mind running into me again. An old friend told me she remarried - and even though I am married now, part of me wishes it was to me. I still wonder why I never went up to VA to get her like she asked so many times...I guess I was too scared. My question remains, how do I get this taste out of my mouth? And, what do I do if she does pop back into my life?

dazzling green eyes. soft sensual lips. perfect flowing hair accents her blonde highlights.. and the brilliant mind of a women every man doesnt get to experience.. so im happy and grateful to thank the lord everyday i got to experience the best 8 yrs of my life with her and no one else. i will always smile when i think of her and never forget her laughter so maybe she would think the same? well i wish but shes engaged to someone else is what im told.. i cant blame her for moving on n ill never b mad but the best i can do is wish her happiness and pray she gets the happy wife life she deserves and one day she may realize ill always be there to make her smile as a friend so hopefully our paths will cross again soon; bc i would still do anything she needs no matter what.. <3sprinkles

I think it's our deepest wish and most hopeful fantasy to want the person we can't let go of to think about us and reciprocate the same feelings we still hold for them. I sometimes ask myself if it's selfish of me to want the person I still love and think about everyday to be just as miserable missing me as much as I. Or if I truly do feel love for this person, shouldn't I wish that he is happy with his life wherever he may be? Sometimes I even think I'm crazy to believe that there is even the slightest possibility that I ever cross his mind. Why do people that make such a huge impact on our lives haunt us when they're gone? Why isn't the memory of them enough to satisfy us? Why do we desire to have them back so badly that it hurts? What exactly does "move on" mean? I hear this phrase over and over and, frankly, I'm sick and tired of people advising me to move on. Obviously, it's not that simple and is merely an empty piece of advice. If I could move on, wouldn't I have done that already? It's as though this phrase is supposed to be the holy grail. If it only were!

I think we remember most the things or people who are most important to us at our core..So when mind cannot find anything interesting in a moment, It will bring up the most interesting memories to think about. As average men, its harder to move on, when you are emotionally connected to someone, because women do not come in plenty, where as for average women, there are many men around her fingers..

I feel your pain..((hugs))..I did reconnect with my first love in September last year..the reunion was great..the feelings were very much alive and the reunion was indeed needed so we could have see what was we have dealt with it and are best friends!! Sometimes a reunion is needed to have a final ending..especially if it ended badly..which mine didnt!!

Oh, you bring me to tears, I reconnected with my first, and neither of us had forgotten the other, but we're both married, and he cut off communication when his wife found out. I hope he still remembers me. love2day

You never know. She might. I have been divorced for eight years and I think of that man every day of my life.

Cheer up Love

Loss is very hard to deal with for everyone involved and can lead to irrational thought processes. The most important step you can take is to accept that the relationship is over and try to move on, it really is the only way to be happy again.