Its Been Just Over a Week

 I haven'y seen my girlfriend in just over a week and I really miss her it actually hurts.She went back to the UK for a couple of weeks I couldn'y get time away from work to go with her which is ironic because I've been off sick for the last few days.I have a wee bit of a flu and tummy bug maybe I'm just missing her more because I'm no well.

Although I'm no so sure...I miss her loads whenever we're apart.

A few weeks ago we started the IVF process we're gonae have a baby hopefully so I know that I'm extra emotional too because of that.We speak at least twice a day, text messages and emails too but its n the same.

I know she'll be back in 6 days 8 hours and 25 mins roughly but its no hapenin quick enough!!!

annabellef annabellef
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2 Responses Mar 27, 2009

Aye its a feelin worth havin..she came back a day early too xx

awe i know you really miss her.