Gentle Tides Of Aching Love

This gentle tide of ache swells into a sea of sorrow as i pine for you with depths unending. My heart lays in the middle of the ocean with no movement for without you in my life the sea of my heart never moves. I open the sails to move forward yet no wind comes without you in my life. I look around in the dark unlit see for i have come to see you as my sun for you blind me to everything else in this world and the next. You are my guiding star and i cannot navigate this darkness without you to guide me through this sea of life. The moonlight glow you cast is all i can see as i close my eyes and dream of you while i wake for you are always on my mind and in my heart.

I ache for you never ending for even as my ship refuses to sail i continue towards you with all my might. i pray for the day i can hold you in my arms and tell you it will be all right. Every night my arms feel empty as i hold the air longing to embrace you with every moment of will. I run towards the day i will be there to make your every moment filled with happiness and though i may stumble i will never fall as i continue onward towards the light you are in my heart.
CaptainJackass CaptainJackass
22-25, M
10 Responses Jan 2, 2011

hahah i don't doubt<br />
<br />
sorry sis i would but i would be discovered and MURDERED

cuz im COOL :D<br />
<br />
and dont forget, you gotta explain this complication to your sis :)

if he hates you why is he with you then? see i am right

i have time ;)<br />
<br />
and no, he hates me:D

haha i bet he feels the same <br />
<br />
eehh its a long story

lol(: i wont, i love him to deatthhhhhh ;D<br />
<33333333333333333333333<br />
sorry, got a lil carried away(: <br />
and aww complicated? talk to meee

hahah you wish don't make your boy jealous.. besides ... its complicated

i am sooooo jealous. you're CHEATING D:<

haha don't be jealous sis jkjk

is this what i wasn't supposed to read? :D