Change Can Be a Terrible Thing

She was my first best friend, and she is the only person who's ever completely understood me. she's always known just what i'm thinking, and what's best for me. we used to see each other or talk on the phone every day.

she lived in a rough neighborhood, and her family didnt treat her well. no one had enough time for her, and i know now that even i didnt look out for her enough.

one day she told me she might be pregnant. i told her to not talk to me for a while, and we never talked about it again. next, she ran away from home. she tried drugs and alcohol. by this point we werent talking all that much, and i was so upset she was doing these things.

now things are better. she moved away. not very far, but far enough that we (being unable to drive ourselves) see each other maybe three times a year. her mom made her drop out of high school, and she takes care of herself now.

i wish that i had supported her when she needed my help, and i wish that we could talk more. she still knows me better than anyone, and anytime i need her, she's there. i just hope that now she thinks of me the same way.

Tyler Tyler
Dec 4, 2006