I Miss Her So Much

I think about her all the time, and she is the first thing that pops into my mind every single day. I can say i'm in love with this girl and i can say I want to marry her because it's all so true. She was a perfect being to me. Her beautiful black skin, her clear eyes, her lovely voice, her adorable laugh and not to mention her nice curves, but that didn't matter because i loved her for the person that was inside her gorgeous body. God, she was so pretty and to me she was perfect. If only she'd stop cutting and feeling the need to kill herself, she wouldn't have left me... I miss her so much and cry myself to sleep almost everyday thinking about her. The day we're together again is the day my dreams become reality, although... i don't think we will be together again.
supercell96 supercell96
18-21, M
May 15, 2012