Shes Miles Away..and I Miss Out

my girlfriend of 20 years..on and off..are doing the long distance relationship thing. And that isnt bad enough....her mother hates me. She comes from a high class family and i come from ..well..lets say..the bronx...Its the classical romeo and juliet....or juliet and
anyway, me and my girlfriend are back together now 6 months and her mother knows nothing about it. Our relationship consists of hotel rooms and private phone calls.{she lives with her mom.} I must say, at this age i never thought i'd be sneaking around for anybody. But, here i am..the dirty little secret. My gf says that shes waiting for things {me} to change certain behaviors before she lets her mom know we are together. ie: get off some meds i am perscribed..even though i dont take more than i should{they are a controlled substance}
Do anybody else find this story a little strange...i do.
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Mom sounds like a B****.