My Girlfriend

My girlfriend is in another city visiting some friend she found online. And though she wrote me a mail yesterday and has only been away for one, almost two days I miss her terribly. And I stop thinking that she might like the other girl she visits more than me tho I know that the other girl isn't even attracted to women...
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2 Responses May 30, 2007

of course i know that and I also know that my jealousy is deeply irrational. i would never tell her that i feel like this... it just kills me sometimes to be this jealous without any reason...

I say this in the kindest way possible, but harbouring jealous and paranoid thoughts is one of the fastest ways to make yourself LESS attractive to her! There are things that female friendship can provide a woman that a romantic partner just can't. And the same goes for male friends for a man. If you've got guy friends, go hang out with them if you can, I reckon. It'll help put your mind at ease when you remember there is stuff that same-sex friendship provides that has nothing to do with romance, and realise that just because she gets along so well and easily with her girlfriend, it doesn't necessarily mean she's about to start dating girls. <br />
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Just a few thoughts.