My Dear Friends..

My friend posted a pic on my wall about high school, oh it brought tears to my eyes!

Until now it is the best phase of my life, nothing compares to it, not college not work, it all sucks!

I remember how we used to drive the teachers crazy, how we used to skip the classes and if we are caught we are done lol how my friends were really friends, but it is really sad how we went different ways and we are not in touch as before!

I still have so much love for them  and I know they do as well, but it is kind of hard to get them all gathered because we all got different lives going on now and I think to myself oh so I would just go to school at the morning and find them all there, so easy! But it is kind of impossible now, and also another thing? I thought of arranging something and get them all to attend, I know I can do it, but I was afraid that it won't be the same so I preferred to keep the good memory!

I really hope they haven't change into mean girls, I mean at college most girls are mean, I did not see that at high school so I was thinking is it possible that when people graduate from school they become mean and lose their innocence?

God I hope not and I don't think so, at least not my dear friends, you were the best! I hope you are doing good, and I hope we will keep in touch...

I still hear from them and I hope that I will not lose total connection with them oneday... I hope so..
MissGaga MissGaga
26-30, F
May 17, 2012