What I Miss About High School

1. eating food in class when i wasnt soposed to due to school policy
2.geting in trouble multiple times for not tucking my shirt tale in
3. all the friends i made
4.sitting on the bench that seperated the top floor from the bottom floor
5. telling the freshmen the bathroom down stairs was outa order forcing them to go upstairs
6.being late to class and never getting in trouble for it
7. my english teacher letting me bring popeyes into class so i could eat it when i wasnt soposed to(thanks mr.high) and yes that was his name
8. laughing everytime i was in mr high's class knowing he shared a room with miss stone true story on that one
9.coach felty maken us run bleachers everytime we got into a fight damn drank way to much beer since then
10. the football games and season that was dedicated to my sister
11. changin my jersey number to 14 for her cause of her age when she died
12. playing in the talent show
13. mr martin who woulda been a awesome mr clean stand in
14. giving mr martin a crotch chop and only getting a chewin out for a obscene gesture
15. chris richmond a down syndrom boy who led us out at every football game cool as **** dude
16. watchin chris pull a april fools joke on us when it was may 1
17. laughin at chris when he hit his head on the bathroom wall yea im sure satan has a spot reserved in hell for me
19. the kliq and all the stunts we pulled
20. and my senior class for allowin the kliq (us) our final curtain call
saintsforever saintsforever
31-35, M
May 25, 2012