Wanting Him Near

So its only been a week since i seen him but i still have 7 months to go till ican be with him... my husband is my life my world my joy and when we're not togehter it seems my life light is just a lil to dim for my liking. I try to stay cheerful but it doesnt work all that well. and the not talking odesnt help. its not cuz he on a ship or busy with work we dont talk cuz hes to busy off getting drunk with his friends while im at doc. app. or at work. we live apart at the moment but he doesnt seem to make it any easier for us. i know hes not all to blam cuz i dont speak up but the 5 min i can get him on the phone i dont want to spend it fussing. i just miss him so much right now and he doesnt seem to make it any easier...


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2 Responses Feb 16, 2009

Thanks! i'm staying as positive as possible! lol and your also in my prayer! keeping our head high and smiles on till their in our arms again!

One of the good things about having them away is you really learn to cherish each moment when there home and it makes you realize just how much you love and want them in your life. Stay positive. My husband left last week aswell. I feel allot better knowing I am not alone. I will keep you in my prayers.x