Its Been Past A Month And Im Still Worried

so ive been worried about my marine but i try to remain calm and think positive. well last night i was just so worried that i just had to ask someone he knew about him. so i got into facebook and asked one of his friends if she knew how he was doing. she said that as far as she knew that he was ok and then she said i should go visit him any time soon. thats when i was very confused, i was like what do you mean visit him if he is in Afghanastan, well appearantly she didnt know that part and i was like he he got deployed months ago. so she was like oh well he texted me last week and tried skyping me last night but that she was asleep. ill be honest i was very upset plus i was already depressed, and i got upset because im very worried about him and he hasnt contact me at all. so what em i suppose to think, should i belive her? what if she is trying to cause problems with me and him? and if its true then how em i suppose to know. i dont know how his been since our last call and its upseting me, whats going on? what should i do, someone please help me im loosing it. all day in school i was down and it was hard to keep my tears in, worried about him and the to find out he contacts her and not me. God what do i do? my friends tell me to ignore her and another was being negative saying that maybe he never even got deployed??
justcrystal53 justcrystal53
May 15, 2012