Will Never See Him Again

He broke my heart. He lied, he cheated for 3 years. He humiliated me, he made of fool out of me. He never loved me, it was all an act, a game. So why do I miss him? Why do I jump every time the phone rings, thinking it might be him? I know I will never see him again. He already had a new girlfriend. But I can't help but think, does he miss me? Think about me? I will never know those answers, and it is killing me inside.
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3 Responses Aug 4, 2010

I know you are both right. I guess I am just feeling stupid for staying with this guy for so long. But I don't think I will ever understand evilness in some people. Thanks so much to both of you - you have provided the insight that I needed :)

Oh sweetheart, you are only looking at half of the picture and you're losing all your power. This is not of me, I am borrowing this Truth that I've learned from someone else. He is not the only one who lied to you, or cheated on you. You did too. You humiliated yourself, and you made a fool of yourself. You knew he was playing games and you played games too. You have to OWN this experience in order to surmount it and get past it. You are a victim as long as you don't understand that you did these things YOURSELF. When you face that, then you forgive yourself and learn from it, then without even noticing, you will have distanced yourself from "him". It's not "him", it's you. YOU need to tell YOU the truth, to honor You. You don't need him, you need YOU. <br />
I hope this makes some sense. I wish you the best.

Hi, You need to open your eyes. You already know the answers to those questions. The fact that he treated you the way you say in your story tells you the answers. He is most likely doing the same thing to the other poor girl he is now in a relationship with. You need to move on and not waste your time on this loser. You need to get up stop living your life waiting for something that is not going to happen. Go join a group or get a hobby that will allow you to meet new people. Not all men are like your ex there are some goodones out there. The best advise to can get is from a man because we all have a friend like your ex they don't change even when they get married and have kids they always go back to girls like you who know they are waitingfor that call they have you caught in a trap. You need to break free from this and get your life back meet new people and be happy it will happen but you need to make that move. You sound like a really nice person and would make any man proud to be with you but do't sell your self short make sure the next one is the one that will make you happy don't just settle for anyone your worth much more than that.<br />
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Were here to help don't be afraid to talk.