I Want to Fly Away... Like Lenny Kravitz. Lol

I met the man of my dreams at my work of all places!!  He had me droolin from the first time I laid eyes on him!!!  I was so excited when when like 3 months later my supervisor told me i was going to be transferred to where he worked!!!  It was such a pleasure to go to work every day...  LOL  after 3 weeks we went out once.  I was not disappointed!!!  It was a sort of slow start but soon we were hanging out almost every weekend.  Then he moved back to his home state.    I went out to visit him...  OMG  it was heaven!  Eventually we had to admit it to ourselves and each other that we were more than just friends with benefits.  I told him I would do what I need to do back here so I can move there to be with him...  That was seven and a half months ago.  He has come to visit me.  I went and visited him.  and now there is only 3 and half months to go!!!!   I miss him soooooo much...  and being as I cannot show him or make him feel how much I love him, I tell him all the time.  I think I may be overwhelming him a little.  LOL  but that is all I have right now... aside from an upcoming custody battle...   

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Feb 18, 2007