My Best Friend

The whole reason I joined this site was to be able to tell my stories of hurt and pain, as well as my joys in life.. But the one person who can make this pain go away refused too. I have been friends with him for 15 years and a couple of weeks ago he told me that he can't be friends anymore because of his girlfriend (only known her 6 months) doesn't think we should be friends... Can you believe that? We have known each other 15 years, how do you throw someone aside that you have known for so long? Well as the title of this experience states " I will miss him more than he will ever know" because he won't speak to me and he has completely changed his email, phone number, everything....

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2 Responses Feb 27, 2009

Your "friend" is in for some serious bad times. A controlling partner who starts out with forcing the abandonment of existing friends will move on to excising his coworkers and family. Eventually he'll be completely isolated and then the real punishment will begin. Once he’s isolated she’ll start with mental dominance games and stratagems. She will probably move on to physical abuse as well.<br />
You can do nothing to help him at this point. If you still regard him as your friend even after his “betrayal” you can welcome him back into your circle if he manages to escape <br />
This is a sad experience for you but will be much worse for him. Count yourself fortunate to be out of the picture.

that is ridiculous. i can totally feel where you are coming from, and the sad thing is when the girl breaks his heart he will come running back to you.