There is not a single day gone by I don't miss him. There is not a single day gone by I don't think about him. There is so much pain in my heart caused by him, still I miss him, I miss being with him.

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2 Responses Mar 1, 2009

A truly deep and intense relationship will put you through this. <br />
Do you sacrifice the experience to not have the pain ? Or do you accept that with this level of intensity you must open up to both joy and pain. It seems to go hand in hand with regard to these really deep relationships. Some of it's real and some of its self serving. I guess we take the good with the bad when we choose a very talented and narcissistic male for the ob<x>ject of our affection. It definitely goes with the territory. You think of them every day...you cannot help it.

in all honestly I would rather not had the experience to have to carry this pain and headache as a life sentence. After nearly 3 years (in two weeks), it still hurts like hell and the nightmare still come back to haunt me.

I get this. <br />
<br />
I heard from him not to long ago...