Tears For Him

It has been about a week since he has been gone but we still have months to go. It wont be until Aug that i get to see him again. And honestly i'm missing him more than he will ever know! I miss him so much that whe ni think of him i cry, when i hear him i cry, or see something that reminds me of him i will cry. I'm tired of the tear but i miss him so much. Honestly I've never fallen for a guy like this before and it scares the living **** out of me! I wont lie. But in a awy I'm also excited. I'm slowly letting him through the wall of my fears and I'm feeling safe with him. But the missing him makes it so hard. I want him near me when im crying i want him to hold me to fall asleep but i know he has a duty to our country and i cant do anything but support him. So even though i miss him so he will never know. I'll keep my smile on bright when i talk to him late at nite and when i reply to his messages i can cry to my self but never let him know. I have to put up a front not to upset him but really all i want to do is cry on his shoulder. I miss him more than i will ever let him know. He is my better half, the love of my life, my hero, my sailor, and my husband. The one i will stand behind for the rest of my life and support for ever. I love my man more than anything and i cant wait till he gets home so i can wrap around him and kiss him all up! lol

browneyegirl89 browneyegirl89
18-21, F
Mar 2, 2009