I miss you ...and I ofen wonder if you do ..

Each time I asked you, your answer will be 'Of course I do'... Now she is there with you ...so are your kids... and here I am all alone but I can still afford a smile for you knowing this is part of the price to pay for being T.O.W..

You text and I replied...but I knowtexts will only appear when she is not around... or when it is convenient.   When I was there with you for a week... I don't see you sending her text at all ...maybe only at work time.  Guess you don't want to 'rub my nose'... 

At times I felt like just sending you a text or mail to tell you I miss you......but again I feel 'wrong' for loving another woman's man...  ='(

You have told me many times you love me.....and I the same..  It does put a smile on my face.  I wish this smile stays forever... but again I know it will not.  I can only cherish what I have now....

Eternal Eternal
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3 Responses Aug 7, 2009

We can't help the way we feel,we are not trained to fall out of love with someone.Its hard for the world to under stand that unless they have been in your shoes.Loving someone is who we are,reguardless who it is.Hang in there as life is a chance,what ever is written in your cards thats whats it will be.I'am also in love with someone that i can't have,so i know how you feel.If you need to write please be free to.<br />
<br />
Take care

I know where you are coming from HNL.. Thank you for your comments. Hugs.

as good as it may feel to know that this guy loves you, you must let him go...i know it is difficult..and it will feel 10x worse when you actually follow threw...but in the long run you will feel better....i speak from experience....he is not trully respecting you if he continues making you feel the way you do